Victorine Immobliler accompanies you with our internal and external services with the help of our partners:


Victorine Immobilier puts you in contact with quality brokers who will allow you to obtain the best financing at lower costs.


Sellers and buyers are free to choose their notary. We provide our clients with a list of notaries with whom we work.


Victorine Immobilier works with architects who will help you to conceive your living environment with an artistic and technical eye. They will take into account your needs, your desires of space, light and volume.


Victorine Immobilier puts you in contact with real estate insurers


Victorine Immobilier accompanies you in your construction work. We put you in contact with professionals such as plumbers, electricians, etc.

Home staging

The objective of Home Staging is to improve the appearance of your apartment at a lower cost in order to have more success in selling your property. The person who does Home Staging must put themselves in the place of a potential buyer and therefore harmonise the colours, and optimise spaces.

Interior Decorating

Interior decorators will help you create the perfect space by bringing your desired atmosphere to life. Whatever your preferred style may be, from classic, modern, cozy, to industrial, they arrange your interior by transforming it. This can be done by moving or removing aspects of the space but also by choosing colours and textures of furniture and accessories.

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