For transaction and house hunting

(search mandate for purchase)

They include the services of visit, negotiation and constitution of the file of sale and accompaniment of the signature of the mandate to the final signature in front of notary. They are payable only when the sale is effective and final.

Rate of fees (of the sale price) : 5% VAT included. The fees payable by the seller are calculated on the sale price.

Minimum fee : 10.000 € TTC

The search, sometimes called “property hunting” involves an active search for the property corresponding to your criteria. This is done through our network, advertising, but also through an active search on the ground, close to your search location. We do everything possible to satisfy your request. As for the transaction, the fees are due only at the effective and final purchase.

Rate of fees (of the purchase price) : 5% TTC The fees payable by the seller are calculated on the sale price. Our fees apply to the net purchase price (excluding notary fees and any agency fees).

If you are looking for a buyer, the fees are charged to the buyer and are 5% of the selling price. Minimum fee : 10.000 € TTC

For the sale in Life Annuity

The fees are 7% TTC of the sale (market value) with a minimum of 10 000 € TTC

For Renting

* Fees to be paid by the tenant (euros TTC/m2):
Outside the tense and very tense zones: 8 €.
In tense zone: 10 €.
In very tense zone: 12 €.
inventory of fixtures at the beginning of the rental period: 3 €.

*Fees to be paid by the owner (calculated on the annual rent excluding taxes and charges per bracket – %TTC):
from 0 to 2 800 €: 11% VAT included
from 2 801€ to 4 500€: 9% VAT included
more than 4 500 €: 8% VAT included
Minimum billing: 300 € TTC

* Fees for the rental hunt
One month’s rent including charges with a minimum of 700 euros TTC